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I love it that this wool mat is small and will fit next to my sewing machine. I can easily iron blocks as they are being made without getting up to go to the full size ironing board. I'm thinking of buying another one.

Amazon Customer

This was exactly what I was looking for. It's the perfect size. A 12 1/2" block easily fits so that you can get a perfect press, while still not being too big to take with you to a retreat or workshop.

Amazon Customer

This wool ironing mat is better then sliced bread. Absolutely the best surface for pressing while sewing quilt blocks. So glad I read a blog review about the New Zealand Wool Pressing Pad. The mat is a perfect size for next to my sewing machine and best of all there is no odor from the wool.

Amazon Customer

This product is as advertised. It smooths out difficult fold lines and makes every seam crisp. I read about it on Bonnie Hunter's blog. She's the quintessential quilter so if she recommends a product I am bound to buy it.

Amazon Customer

I love the wool mat. A big thanks to Jo Kramer for telling us about it on her blog.

Amazon Customer

Loved this pressing mat. It’s excellent to use when piecing quilt blocks, both sides of the block are pressed perfectly flat while pressing only one side. I purchased this mat as a gift for one of my quilting friends.

Amazon Customer

Very useful right by my sewing machine for quick pressing. I'm not detecting any odors with use and am very happy with the purchase. Wool mats are wonderful allowing heat to both sides of the fabric and the fabric doesn't slip. A great price for a great mat. Fast shipping!

Amazon Customer

I have been using the mat regularly for pressing seams open. My seams are neat and the blocks lay super flat.I noticed that I have to iron only on one side and the block lays flat. Earlier, with a cotton pressing mat base, I would have to turn the block over and press from both sides. If you want flat blocks and do half the pressing, get this mat now.

Amazon Customer

My quilting style is improv and I love tiny piecing! With that there are a lot of tiny seams that need pressing. This wool iron mat was amazing! My seams are crisp and pressed to perfection...just what every quilter wants. The mat heats both sides of the fabric which in the long run cuts down on pressing. It's the perfect size for my needs and will most certainly be used on a regular basis!

Amazon Customer